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Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by investing in their mindset and personal development. Julie is a mentor, a muse and visionary. You'll learn from her wisdom and be inspired by her authenticity. Each week you'll receive practical business advice fused with ancient spiritual wisdom. Conscious Business is cheeky, educational and full of very entertaining stories. It's time to bring spirituality out of the closet and into the boardroom.
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Oct 26, 2015

In today’s episode we talk about the natural law of expansion and I’ll challenge you to think about how you view growth. Do you see growing and learning as exciting or as a necessary evil? You’ll learn 3 Truths about personal growth and entrepreneurship that you’ve likely never thought of before. And you’ll learn 5 ways to use your personal GROWTH as an accelerator to grow your business. So get out of your head, into your heart and let’s show some love for personal growth!

Here are 5 tips on how to use your personal GROWTH as an accelerator to grow your business:

  1. Expect growth to be continuous

    2. Don’t expect everything to go according to plan

    3. Remember that Everyone else is doing it

    4. Acknowledge your Growth
  2. See personal growth as an opportunity for strategic business growth

Tweetables & Gems:
“Wherever you go, there you are”
“Every relationship is an assignment”
“Perfect is an illusion, not a destination”
“You can’t stop the waves, BUT you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat-Zinn

“The Vortex” by Jerry and Ester Hicks.

Oct 19, 2015

Today you’ll learn about a nasty habit that impacts many entrepreneurs. It makes you play small and prevents you from living in the present moment. In this episode Julie explains what this habit is and teaches you how to observe it in yourself and in others. She also shares some great tips for living in the present moment and she explores the connection between extreme sports and consciousness. 


Techniques to cut back on past telling.

  1. Go Cold Turkey
  2. Reframe
  3. Wean yourself off



  • It’s important to point out that your ego is usually in the drivers seat when you past tell. Your ego is your false sense of self, and it is constantly seeking validation.


“Every relationship is an assignment.”


Book: “The Power of Now” - Eckhart Tolle

Oct 19, 2015

In today’s episode we talk about the voices inside your head. Specifically, the negative ones. And the good news is, these negative voices are not your reality. They come from a part of yourself we call the Saboteur, and it sends you negative messages and thoughts that hold you back from getting things done. Becoming conscious of your Saboteur is a huge step towards developing a healthy mindset as an entrepreneur.


Tweetables & Quotes: 

  • “What other people think of you is none of your business.”
  • “If you don’t hold space for others to change, you don’t give yourself permission to ever make a mistake.”
  • Reed Hastings, “Don’t tolerate brilliant jerks, the cost to teamwork is too high.”

Tips to deal with your saboteur:

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Observe it
  3. Nickname it
  4. Tell others
  5. Develop an inner coach



“Taming Your Gremlin” - Rick Carson.

Oct 19, 2015

In this first episode of Conscious Business Julie explains what a conscious business is and why it’s so important for you as an entrepreneur. 

  • You’ll learn why Julie is so passionate about entrepreneurs and how she became The Corporate Yogi.
  • She reveals the best-kept secret of entrepreneurship, the one thing you’ll never learn about from a textbook.
  • And lastly, she explains how your mindset is a critical component of your success as an entrepreneur.

There are two major trends we’re experiencing right now:

  1. An increase in overall consciousness
  2. An entrepreneurial explosion

Are you on a path to building a conscious business? Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What higher purpose (beyond profit) does your business have? How are you helping and serving people?
  2. Do you have a clearly defined set of core values that you are prepared to NEVER compromise?
  3. Do you realize that your business is meant to call you forth to grow, learn about yourself and learn to build better relationships?
  4. Are you intentionally building a culture that gives people permission (especially you) to be authentic, at all times?


- The V Zone – The Zone of Vulnerability

- The best-kept secret of entrepreneurship is that it’s an accelerated form of personal development.


  • To succeed as an entrepreneur you have to do the deep work at the belief level in order to attract and maintain your success.
  • Anytime you’re relying on your intuition, believing in a higher power outside of yourself, or when you look at the big picture to explain how we are all connected, this is not voodoo. It’s spirituality.


"It’s time to bring spirituality out of the closet and into the boardroom"

"As an Entrepreneur, your business won’t grow, until you do"